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AaGG title
Agony Man with his arms spread, sculpture by Paul Komoda Agony a go-go: an underground club phenomenon, that dates as far back as the 16th century, in which the participants celebrate their individual sufferings through music and dance.

"Stuff all put into one, everything."-Ken Durkin, President, Agony, Int'l
"The truth in Agony is seen in the eyes of youth."-Anonymous scrawling found written on a napkin
Agony Man with his arms spread, sculpture by Paul Komoda
death arch illumination, by Kurt Komoda

agony man's head, by Paul Komoda

Introduction by Klaus Grunewald

     Welcome to the official Agony a Go-Go website! 'What is Agony a Go-Go?,' you ask? Agony a Go-Go(AaGG) is most simply described as a secret nightclub, but it's much more than that. So much more. The name 'Agony a Go-Go,' which was coined in 1963, by Uruguay Gumz, the former head of the Agony movement, is a trifle bit misleading. Although the AaGG gateway is primarily accessed through the sporadic nightclub incarnations, one could hardly limit these nocturnal gatherings, which showcase various painters, sculptors, jewelry designers, musicians, writers, and spoken word artists from around the world, to simply being dance clubs. AaGG is a meeting place for the creative intellect that exists, hidden from society. It is a place where the torments and rigors of everyday life in the modern world are embraced and glorified. It is like nothing you have ever seen. This website can only just begin to breach the outer rim of AaGG. For the first time in history, we offer this knowledge to the public. Explore.

                  -Klause Grunewald, Head Chairman, AaGG, Int'l
                                April 28, 1997

photo of Ken Durkin

An Extremely Brief Historical Note

     The earliest evidence of AaGG, or, rather, something like it, can be found in 12th century France. However, there can be found parallel occurrences of a similar phenomenon in Japan, during the same time period. It wasn't until the second half of the 16th century that something, actually comparable to what we today call a nightclub, was formed. Little is known of this first incarnation of our beloved nighthaunt except that it was someplace in Germany, and was abruptly closed, demolished, actually, by the Catholic Church. More on this later.
     Today AaGG is an international phenomenon, albeit an elusive one. Although AaGG, Int'l, run by Ken W. Durkin, owns numerous "mainstream" nightclubs around the world, the actual AaGG's and their locations are kept secret. Known only to a select few, these locations last but a few weeks at most, then slip back into nothingness, leaving no trace behind. They are, as Durkin says,"ghosts of tomorrow's past- shimmering embers in the great fire of time." AaGG also serves $2 jello-shots all night long!Yyyyess!!

      Want to know more? Do be sure to read through what Kisa and Nani have compiled for you in the Agony Library.
Nani and Kisa peering through the books

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This is the homepage of Kurt Satoru Komoda.
Last Update:03JAN11: 1330EST
This page is dedicated to all the old stomping grounds and all the people in them. Wish I could've gotten to know some of you better. Wish I could go back: '17 South' and 'Campus Corner'(Jacksonville, Florida); 'Drug #6,' 'The Pit,' and 'Big Heart City'(San Fran, Cali); 'The Garage'(Misawa, Japan);'Ward6' and 'Communion'(NYC, NY), 'The Edge'(Palo Alto, Cali); 'Club FX'(San Jose, Cali); heck, even the old 'E-Club' at NTC Millington, TN!

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